Lab Kit Description

Description: The Emerging Measurements Company LabKitenables principles of fluorescence decay to be measured anddemonstrated. The emission of a key thermographic phosphor (TP)-La2O2S: Eu-can be observed from 0 to 100 °C. The standardLabKitis intended for university physics, chemistry, and engineeringlaboratories. In the standard LabKit, a copper target is coated witha thin layer of phosphor and a thermocouple embedded in the coppertarget for temperature monitoring. The copper target is in contactwith a Peltier Heater/Cooler which may heat or cool the sample asdesired.The LabKit can also act as an instrument for evaluating other TPseither onboard the LabKit or by using an external light source suchas a laser, laser diode or a light emitting diode (LED) if anotherexcitation wavelength is required. Another alternative is to use fiberoptics to transport the excitation light to an external target and thentransmitting the emission light back to the LabKit’s photomultipliertube for analyzing the signal. By operating in this mode, the LabKitmay be used to either calibrate an external phosphor sample ormeasure the temperature of an external target.


Lab Kit Specifications

Internal Light Source: LED at 365 nm

Trigger Input: TTL

Trigger Output: TTL

Trigger  Source: internal/external

Photomultiplier(PMT): Analog Output

PMT Gain: Adjustable

Pulse Repetition Rate: 12.7 to 2000 pulses per second

Pulse Width: 0.8 to 74 microseconds

Temperature: 0 to >100 °C nominal

Heater/CoolerCurrent Monitor: X to Y with Coarse and Fine Control Knobs

Front Panel Temperature Readout (°C and°F)

La2O2S:Eu Coating on Cu plate

Internal Optical Filtering at 510 nm and 10 nm full width half maximum

All connections BNC

Unit Power: 120 VAC

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