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Executive Summary
Experienced Engineering Researcher/Project Manager with strong leadership and relationship building skills. Has worked on projects for/or with the Oak Ridge National Lab’s Spallation Neutron Source, Department of Energy, National Security Organization, Armed Services (Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy), National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), American Iron and Steel Institute, and other commercial entities. Has experience in Uranium Enrichment technology using both Gas Centrifuges and the Gaseous Diffusion technology. President of a small high tech business doing consulting and contracting with government and commercial entities to solve challenging measurement problems.

Core Qualifications
Strong Project Planning and Management Skills * Team Leadership Skills
Strong Verbal/Written Communication Skills * Staff Development
Advanced Level Computer Skills * Staff Motivation
Team Building Skills

Patents and Awards
Nine patents awarded and two patents pending as well as two copyrights. (see details below)
Recipient of the Secretary of Energy Achievement Award 2009 for the Project Kalamazoo team for special achievement and application of their specialized technical expertise to support nonproliferation goals of the Department and the United States Government.
Recipient of Southeastern Regional and National 2009 Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Award for Technology Transfer for the Weigh-in-Motion System
Recipient of National 2007 FLC Award for Technology Transfer for The Hybrid Solar Lighting System
Recipient of 2006 R & D 100 Award for the Hybrid Solar Lighting System.
Recipient of the 2006 Southeast Region, FLC Award, “Hybrid Solar Lighting”.
Recipient of 2000 ASME Tribute to Tennessee Technology Award for “Low-Cost Conversion of Static Scales to a Highly Accurate Weigh-in-Motion System”.
Recipient of 1999 R& D 100 Award from R & D Magazine for one of the top 100 innovation of 1999 for Galvanneal Temperature Measurement System.
Recipient of 1998 AMSE Technological Achievement Award for the Galvanneal Temperature Measurement System.

Professional Experience

Emerging Measurements Company (EMCO) – Knoxville, TN

November 2011 to Present

President - Emerging Measurements Company (EMCO) – Knoxville, TN
Emerging Measurements Company is a small high-tech business doing consulting and contracting with government and commercial entities to solve challenging measurement problems.

UT-Battelle/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

April 2000 to June 2011- Project Manager/Senior Research Scientist

Project Manager in a variety of projects of National Security Activities.
Project manager/principle investigator for weigh-in-motion program for both the US Army G4 and the US Transportation Command. In this project ORNL was tasked to develop, and perform evaluation testing on new low-speed weigh-in-motion systems both portable and converting full size static scales to weigh-in-motion systems.
Team leader/principle investigator in developing a solar collector and tracking system for the Hybrid Solar Lighting Systems.
Part of a team to develop an optical strain and temperature measurement systems for evaluating high energy (24MeV) proton bombardment of a mercury spallation neutron source (SNS) target.
Project manager/principle investigator for a variety of phosphor thermometry programs with a goal of providing the Air Force, NASA, and a variety of jet engine manufacturers with specialized tools for high temperature, non-contact temperature measurements.

Lockheed Martin Energy Research/Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge, TN

June 1986 to March 2000- Project Manager/Research and Development Engineer 

Project Manager /Principle Investigator for weigh-in-motion programs for both DOE and the Federal Highway Administration to develop, and performed evaluation testing on new high-speed, low speed and the conversion of static scales to weigh-in-motion systems.
Project Manager/Principle Investigator for the development of a phosphor thermometry system for measuring the surface temperature of galvanneal steel as the zinc is alloyed to the steel during on-line induction heating, a DOE OIT project with the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).
Project Manager/Principle Investigator for Automated Vehicle Data Acquisition System Project to provide an automated weighing system to be used for deployment by the Air Force, Air Mobility Command.
Project Manager/Principle Investigator on a variety of Work for Others Programs including:
Developing test procedures for certifying optical power test sets for the U. S. Army, High-G testing of electrical and optical components.
High-G testing of electrical and optical components.
Mobile Field Data Acquisition System for the Air Force to record and analyze the response of fortified structures to conventional bomb blasts.
Torpedo Data Acquisition System for the Naval Underwater System Center to record and analyze data on board an operating torpedo. Management responsibilities include: setting up program objectives, schedules, and budgets; subdividing the programs into tasks and recruiting task leaders as required; interfacing with both Martin Marietta management and the customer to assure the adequate manpower, resources and priorities are placed on the program; and evaluating the program personnel as part of the Performance Planning and Review Program.
Led R & D efforts to support a wide variety of thermographic phosphor programs for remote sensing of temperature and strain. This work has included the screening of commercially available phosphors, manufacturing of special phosphors, calibration of phosphors over a range of temperatures from 4 to 1800oK, developing bonding techniques for bonding phosphors to a variety of substrate materials and performing laboratory and field experiments utilizing the phosphor technology.

Lockheed Martin Energy Research/Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Oak Ridge, TN

1984 to May 1986 - Director of Advanced Gas Centrifuge (AGC) Scoop Testing Program

Directed the team which first demonstrated the operability of a hypersonic flow recovery scoop.
Responsibilities included scheduling, writing test descriptions, coordination of chemical analysis, and analyzing and reporting test results.  Coordinated the development of a data base for the scoop testing program.  Coordinated and acted as a liaison to The Boeing Company and Los Alamos National Lab on their scoop testing program.

Union Carbide CorporationNuclear Division/Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant Oak Ridge, TN

1983 to 1985 Development Engineer 
Served as principle investigator for various centrifuge experiments.
Responsibilities included scheduling and coordinating both separative performance and flow diagnostic experiments as well as analyzing and reporting results.
Team Lead for one of the team doing Safety Analysis Reports for Portsmouth and Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plants
Led an Economic Cost Benefits Analysis for performance improvements which indicated a 46% reduction in the cost of a Separative Work Unit.
1981 to 1983 Division Quality Assurance (QA) Coordinator
Served in a staff position with responsibility for administering the QA program for the Enrichment Technology Division in 1981 and for the Process Support Division in 1982 and 1983.
1976 to 1981 Development Engineer
Performed process support research, development, and testing in support of the Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Responsibilities included a wide range of activities in the area of development, testing and troubleshooting of various safety and pneumatic control systems.
Member of the team which reduced the seal failure rate at the three diffusion plants while serving on the 3plant Compressor Seals Committee.
Evaluated and made improvements in the Line Recorder sensitivity to inleakage of light gases in the cascade.
Evaluated and improved the UF6 outleakage detection system for the Toll Enrichment facility and served on a 3plant Committee on the Verification of Autoclave Safety Systems.
Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering; North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC; GPA 3.7/4.0


Author or co-author of over one hundred conference, journal, and internal ORNL publications. (Publication list available upon request.)


U.S. Patent # 7,375,293; May 20, 2008; “System and method for weighing and characterizing moving or stationary vehicles and cargo”
U.S. Patent # 7,231,128; June 12, 2007; “Hybrid solar lighting systems and components
U.S. Patent # 7,305,324; December 4, 2007; “System and method for identifying, validating, weighing and characterizing moving or stationary vehicles and cargo”
U.S. Patent # 6,123,455; September 26, 2000; “Phosphor thermometry system”
U.S. Patent # 5,998,741; December 7, 1999; “System and methods for accurately weighing and characterizing moving vehicles”
U. S. Patent # 5,986,272; November 16, 1999; “Real-time method and apparatus for measuring the temperature of fluorescing phosphor”
U.S. Patent # 5,959,259; September 28, 1999; “System and method for accurately weighing and characterizing moving vehicles”
U.S. Patent # 5,949,539; September 7, 1999; “Real-time method and apparatus for measuring the decay-time constant of fluorescing phosphor”
U.S. Patent # 5,701,370; December 17, 1996; “Optical Sensors for monitoring Joint Articulation and Chest Expansion of the Human Body”