Matthew Scudiere Is Vice President of Emerging Measurements and served as a consultant for Diditco, Inc. Matt has over 38 years’ experience in areas of gas centrifuge, lasers, motors, power inverters, vehicle weigh-in-motion, wireless power transfer, instrument design, computer hardware and software design, computer aided instrumentation, algorithm development and other related areas.  Matt holds over a dozen patents in the above areas and worked for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for over 30 years as a Senior Research Scientist.
Matt makes things work. He has been involved at every level of development from system overview to the fine details of implementation. This includes design and implementation of concept, mechanics, electronics, human interfacing, algorithm development for control and analysis, accuracy of analysis when possible, software design, and customer training.

Matthew has a BS & MA Kent State University in Physics, and a
ME & Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in Nuclear Engineering.